1. Do you make payday and Title loans? No, we do not make payday loans. Payday loans are another type of credit product. We make only Traditional   installment loans at Rocky Top Finance.


2. What types of loans to you do?  We make traditional installment loans, which vary in amount and terms and available ancillary products that you choose.  Traditional installment loans have monthly terms consisting of equal payments, and are disclosed in accordance with the federal Truth in Lending Act and by state law. Traditional installment loans are a type of credit product that has been around for over a hundred years.


3. Do you make internet loans? We do not make internet loans, instead we make personal loans within the community, face to face, you with one of our   experienced team members . Listening to you and servicing your lending needs.


4. How do I apply for a loan? You call our office 865-995-6400. We welcome phone applications. You can also visit our office 321 South Hall Rd Alcoa, Tn 37701


5. How much will my payments be? We take pride in designing the loan and terms to fit your budget.


6. Will you pull my credit if I apply for a loan? Yes, we do pull credit to determine credit worthiness and also so we can approve you for the size loan that will fit your budget. We also report your credit with Rocky Top Finance each month, this way on time payments made will help you build your credit or              re-establish your credit.


7. Can I pay off my loan early? Yes, you may pay your loan at any time without a prepayment penalty.